Sunday, June 26, 2011


nmpk kete besar lalu sebelah kete ak kat highway, RASE nk beli kete besar..nmpk rumah besar tepi jln, RASE nk beli rumah besar..nmpk pompuan tinggi lalu tepi ak, RASE nk tinggi cam die..nmpk pompuan cantek lalu tepi ak, RASE nk cantek mcm die..nmpk org soping brg2 mahal kat shoping mall, RASE nk jgk sume brg2 2..

*kdg2 BYK RASE sgt pn shh..buat kt xbesyukur dgn ape yg kt ade..
*kdg2 XDE RASE pn shh..buat kt xberusaha utk dptkn ape yg kt nk..

p/s: kene jd dr sendr..hargai ape yg kt ade..hargai org2 sekeliling kt :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

mine :)

he's mine!

*7days to go...........


wuwux's at genting.

fisrt-langgar pokok.
second-langgar lubang *maybe. smpai today kene g tuka tayar br :(

cian wuwux's :(

p/s: sye dmm. dmm rindu. so sye mc todayyyyyy. thanks syg. bwk sye g klinik.

Monday, June 20, 2011


amani with her new walker. cute!

amani with her auntie. sweet!

amani with her new cloth. amazing bee!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

klcc VS klia

now his working at klia and me at klcc. not klcc but near to klcc. hehe. when both of us start working. we just can meet each other during our free time. huh! i hate this situation because i miss him so much. much. much. much! i think everything is going to be ok when we get married soon. heheeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

p/s: syg. i think we should use our SLR camera because the picture is so blurrrr :D

Saturday, June 18, 2011

jalan-jalan cari gaduh

today is the day that we "jalan-jalan cari gaduh" at nilai. huhu. we suppose to go there and buy something for our engagement day but it end with our fighting. haha. not scratch each other face. not kick each other body. just mouth fighting. we always fight. fight. fight. fight. because we love to fight---------------------but at the end. everything back to normal :)

*when we fight. that means we love each other very much. O.o

Friday, June 17, 2011

officially graduate :D

such a scary day. drive alone from shah alam to kl and thinking about result! i just hope that i pass all the course. then i officially graduate from uitm shah alam. yeay! bye2 uitm :D

*not a good result but its better then fail :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

his back :)

finally. his back :) not my father. but his father. next year will be my father in law. hehe. he's back from MEKAH safely. syukur. everything was ok!

*cooking at his house with all his auntie to celebrate his father back from MEKAH - new things for me because i never been in that environment before + i cannot understand their language. ** i should learn jawe n eat a lot of tempe from him :D

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


snap2 at arcadian. hehe.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

first week as a designer T.T

keje 3 hr then weekend..yeay!tp bosan gile kat umh sbb xde tau tv 2 pntg..huhu..lg 1..peti ais pn xde..waaaaaaaaaaaaaa..da la ak ske minum air sejuk..sanggup kuar p 7e semate2 nk beli air sejuk..haha..kejap je da hr ahd..sok isnin?arghhh..benci..ak hrp sgt jeff ade kat china lg..tppppp..tetb ptg die dtg..ok fine..mood die xok!habis laaaaaaaaaaa..ape yg ak sangke btl2 jd..nk ckp die mrh suare semcm jela..bkn ngan ak je..ngan sume org..huh!bile da crit ptg..paham2 jela ape akn jd..tepakse stat smpai 11 mlm sbb siap kn sume keje..sok nk g site..ukur..ukur..ukur..ukur sume!slamat mengukur fad :)

*bdn rase melekit
*bj xlipat best klu ade maid...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

satay @ banting.

we eat satay together :)



yeay!today is friday..i luv friday very much!y i luv friday?coz da next day is saturday lah..xsaba nk jumpe die..sumpah rindu..rindu..rindu..sye rindu awk lah!lps lunch td duk pk je sok nk g da lame xjumpe je..argh..xkesah..g mane2 pn xpe janji jumpe..hehe..(nk blk awl..tdo awl..then bgon awl da next day sbb nk jumpe die!)

*da excited nk jumpe

Thursday, June 2, 2011

KERJA (",)

ini workstation kat opis..hehe..eh2..wat keje ke maen fb ni?haha..xpe..bos kat china..wakakaka..

*bile da keje rase nk blaja la plak..gedik!haha..